Our movement is very active in Jewish communities around the world, both within the framework of the local Zionist Federations as well as in terms of trainings, seminars, and supporting our youth movements.

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In each of the communities we organize talks and social encounters with the aim of continuing to train and promote Jewish-Zionist community action. Virtual and face-to-face conferences of high-level professionals, community activists, and academics have positioned our political movement at the top of community work in the Jewish world.

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Every year we organize seminars in Latin America and Europe. The aim of these events is to dialogue, analyze and plan. Our chaverim from the different communities of the world expose their community challenges and together they seek the common denominator translated into a serious and professional action plan. These frameworks are also used to dialogue about the challenges of the Zionist world and the State of Israel with the aim of taking a joint position, assuming responsibilities and commitments.

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Taking advantage of different encounters in Israel of the Zionist world and the visit of many of our chaverim, we organize small and large seminars in Israel, including high-level conferences, guided walks to tourist sites, meetings with the Kvutzot of the Shnat Hachshara program and visits to Kibbutzim and the different Educational Centers of Hanoar Hatzioni.