Hanoar Hatzioni

We are a Jewish, Zionist, humanist, pluralist, and liberal youth movement created in Poland in 1926. From our emergence to the present day we are characterized by our educational essence in the non-formal sphere both in the diaspora and in Israel. We are present in 20 different countries in the framework of 46 Jewish communities. Kenim of Hanoar Hatzioni together with “sister movements” from all continents make up what we call the HANOAR HATZIONI FAMILY, being today one of the strongest educational movements in the world.

At the continental level, we stand out for our educational seminars such as the Continental Machon, the Machon Choref, the Seminar Bogrim Manhiguim and the Manhigut International Camp. Regarding programs in Israel, we organize short and long-term programs, highlighting among them the Shnat Hachshara program, Israel Challenge, Arevim and our different proposals within the framework of the Schools and the different Madrichim Courses in Israel such as Tapuz and Mahane Israel, among others.
Our kibbutzim, the different Educational Centers and the thousands of Olim in Israel are the great examples when it comes to our vast and rich contribution to Israeli society. The Hanoar Hatzioni World Secretariat (Mazkirut Olamit) has its offices in Ramat Efal and together with its shlichim and pehilim around the world make up a great work team from an educational and professional point of view.

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