Our Mission


Encouraging Aliyah

Aliyah to Israel is part of the backbone of Zionism, and, as such, it transforms the oleh [immigrant] into the link that ensures the continuity of the Jewish people. In our movement, Aliyah is a tangible activity that provides an effective remedy to the process of assimilation. Israeli society must keep its doors open to the Aliyah and dedicate economic, social, spiritual, and logistic efforts to the absorption of every Jew who wishes to be part of it.

Fighting against any expression of anti-Semitism

We consider it our obligation to react, personally as well as collectively, in the face of different forms of anti-Semitism.

Acting in favor of the National Funds

We attribute particular importance to the cooperation with the Keren Hayessod [United Israel Appeal] and the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael [Jewish National Fund]. These funds contributed in the past (and still do so today) to the promotion of the physical and spiritual development of the Jewish people linked to Israel.

Encouraging reciprocal relations between the State of Israel and Jewish communities

Our commitment to the Zionist cause makes us an integral part of any plan of rapprochement between people and institutions whose aim is to express in a tangible manner the unity of the Jewish people and the solidarity between the residents of Israel and their brethren living abroad.

Unifying the Jewish People

We see those belonging to our people as individuals who share the same ethnic background. We consider as legitimate all streams and sectors within Judaism, be they Orthodox, Secular, Conservative, Reformist, or Reconstructionist.

Reinforcing the Jewish identity

Knowledge of the national history, dissemination of the culture and learning the Hebrew language, community activism, encouragement of Aliyah, preservation of Jewish solidarity, and any step that strengthens the individual’s identification with his spiritual heritage.

Placing the State of Israel at the center of the Jewish experience

We act in order to emphasize and advance this centricity. Israel has become the base of the Jewish existence and constitutes a primary factor in our identification as a nation.

Acting in favor of different expressions of Jewish solidarity

It is a moral and real obligation to show solidarity towards those sections in the Jewish people who, for a variety of reasons, may find themselves in temporary or on-going distress.

Aiding the development and expansion of the World Hanoar Hatzioni Family

We consider the support of the activities of youth movements in general and of the World Hanoar Hatzioni Family in particular to be of high importance.

To continue the search for Peace

On the issue of the Jewish-Arab conflict, we are part of the wider political spectrum that believes that it would be possible to reach a situation whereby our relationships with our Arab neighbors are stable. The need to set borders that will be recognized by the nations and the logic of “two states for two peoples” had been our ideological heritage.

Social Welfare State

While we stand for a liberal and social economic policy, we believe that government institutions must maintain a well-developed social conscience in order to fight poverty and to promote a fair distribution of the national wealth.

Promoting all aspects of Jewish education

We encourage the development of schools where formal education is to be delivered, whilst at the same time we promote non-formal education, delivered primarily through youth movements.

Studying the Hebrew language and spreading the Jewish culture

The language makes it possible to, not only emphasize personal identification, but to also reinforce the relationship between Diaspora Jews and Israeli citizens, to bring them closer to the literary and cultural creation, and to strengthen the reciprocal linkage between the values of our ancient sources and the new creations emerging before our own eyes.

To preserve Israel’s democratic character

Strongly opposing attempts to undermine the democratic institutions, such as the Knesset [Parliament], the Government, and the Supreme Court, by adopting verdicts from Halacha [Jewish traditional law].

Our Vision

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In our view, Zionism is the appropriate response to the tangible needs of the Jewish people. As Jews, we are committed to the fulfillment of our right to our own sovereignty. We see Israel as center, both spiritual and tangible, of the modern Jewish experience. As the State of the Jewish People, Israel has become in a short time the focus of spiritual creation, language renewal, intellectual incentive, cultural development, and folkloric innovation.


We declare ourselves Humanists because we place the Human Being, in its tangible form, at the center of our world view, in contrast to ideologies and world conceptions that saw (and still see) the human being as a means.
Our organic outlook on society tends to see the human being as the main component of the whole political and social deed.



We see the modern State as being responsible for the creation of basic conditions for all its citizens in order to allow for a healthy competition among the different forces of the market, which will in turn fight against monopolization of the means of production, transportation, commerce, or information, ensuring free access to education and information, and preventing a concentration of power in the hands of a few.


Our pluralistic outlook is not limited to the Jewish dimension; rather, it extends into universality. We believe in culture of dialogue, the legitimacy of debate, and the open discussion.
This is the culture to which we aspire, on the basis of the belief that a mature and developed human being is equipped with the capabilities to define his/her position towards his/her Jewish identity. Therefore, we consider the existence, within the wide framework of the Jewish mosaic, of different schools of thought, philosophical approaches, and forms of cult to be legitimate and even necessary.

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